Free Hulu Streaming Being Offered To Optimum Internet Customers

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Cablevision just signed with Hulu to start streaming video to subscribers of Optimum internet. This will be the first time any cable or satellite company has resold on-demand content from Hulu, which is one of the most popular streaming services right now.

The Hulu service can be accessed on Cablevision’s Optimum channel no. 605. If a customer already has a Hulu account, they can sign in to that, and for those that don’t, there is a free trial offer that can be accessed on TV, or after logging into the Optimum website.

Cablevision’s COO Kristin Dolan said a statement that this move is meant to get to customers “where they are”, which is a nod to the reality that the internet plays a growing role in the video programming consumers choose to watch these days. “There is a new generation of consumers who access video through the Internet, and whatever their preference, Cablevision will facilitate a great content experience.”

Hulu has a premium service, Hulu Plus, which can be streamed for $7.99 a month. Cablevision hasn’t announced whether this will be a part of the deal offered to Optimum internet customers. Hulu, meanwhile, said that the deal would let the streaming service get out to a new potential audience. At this time, the service airs a host of popular shows like Empire, CSI, Nashville, South Park, and current season programming that draws form 5 top broadcast networks.

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For subscribers, it is possible to stream back-to-back programming seasons from FX, FOX, Cartoon Network, NBC, ABC, Adult Swim, and TNT. There are also current seasons from hit shows, as well as Hulu’s own collection of original shows.

This deal happened after the recent Cablevision launch of many new products directed at drawing in cord cutters. The company is giving out free internet deals that come with a free tuner for people that watch broadcast channels in their homes.

Cablevision is also putting up HBO Now in one of the other deals, letting Optimum internet customers buy a standalone streaming package without having to get cable for the first time.

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