Ultimate Triple Play Offer From Cablevision

Optimum Triple Play
Optimum Online

Cablevision Systems Corporation has launched Ultimate Triple Play offer for its users. This is an improved version of the Optimum Triple Play offer. For new users of the service, Ultimate Triple Play offers faster internet connection and speeds, an advanced wireless router, and Optimum link. The Optimum link allows users to view images and play audio files on their television sets. This can be done without the help of any additional equipment.

As per the experts in the market, the latest offer integrates the benefits of Optimum Online, iO TV, and Optimum Voice to make a home connected. The Ultimate Triple Play offer from Cablevision includes:

  • 275 plus channels of iO TV that includes HD channels, video on demand, local programs from News 12, and MSG Varsity.
  • Advanced wireless router, that offers high standard of in-home Wi-Fi speed. This is a compliment for the Optimum App for iPad that was launched recently.
  • Optimum Online Boost Plus internet, that offers downstream speeds of up to 50 Mbps and up to 8 Mbps upstream speed. The users can also have free access to Optimum Wi-Fi wireless internet access points across the service area of Cablevision.
  • Optimum Link, that helps users to make use of the network of Cablevision to display the content of PC on TV without the need to have any additional equipment.
  • Optimum Voice, that offers eighteen popular calling features with 411-directory assistance. The voice pack also offers unlimited calling across US, Puerto Rico and Canada.

    Optimum Internet
    Optimum Boost Plus

“We introduced the Optimum Triple Play in 2004, and it has been an enormously successful offer for Cablevision and one that has been emulated across the industry to establish three-product relationships with customers,” said Jonathan Hargis, Cablevision’s executive vice president of marketing.

“The Ultimate Triple Play takes our compelling value proposition, across all three services, and ties it together with faster Internet speeds, Optimum Link and an advanced wireless router that is a perfect complement to our new Optimum App for iPad. We believe this will be an extremely popular offer with new customers looking for the advantages of our core services combined with our latest technological innovations.”

Ultimate Triple Play is offered to the new users at a price of $99.80 per month for the first year.

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