What Parents Should Know About Live Streaming Apps

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Live Streaming Apps

Live streaming apps are amazing tools that help us to experience live events on our smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The wonderful features offered by live streaming apps have increased their popularity over the years. However, such an amazing app might not be that healthy for your children sometimes.

There are a few serious consequences that may arise while using live streaming apps. It is of significant importance that parents should realize these problems and educate their children about them. Here are a few risks detected during the testing of live streaming apps.

Drawbacks Of Live Streaming Apps

The videos your children broadcast may be viewed and followed by strangers and it was found that kids were randomly giving out their social media details such as Snapchat and Facebook to connect with random followers. Kids generally broadcast videos from their bedrooms, which hugely violates their privacy and yes, it feels awkward watching what kids broadcast from their bedrooms. The followers can comment on these broadcasted videos and some of the comments were found to be quite brutal.

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App purchase option is enabled in some of the live streaming apps, which enables the user to buy virtual things and send it to others. Any child could easily purchase a number of things if your bank account is connected to the device. Furthermore, there are chances that your children may bring adults or strangers into your home without your knowledge.

What To Do

Set a few strict laws regarding live streaming apps use, and make sure your children follow these rules. Explain the consequences of these services and be open to communication. Another significant measure to implement is to enable the security settings and disable the details of your location.

Open a live streaming account for yourself and constantly check the activities of your children. Explain and make them understand that they should not agree to meet anyone through the app. Make sure that there are not any landmarks or any notable locations in the broadcasting videos.

Periscope, YouNow, Broadcast Me, Meerkat, Twitch, UStream, and Streamago are the most popular apps for broadcasting videos. It is of significant importance to know about the apps your children use; even better if you downloaded and tested the apps yourself, before letting your children use them.

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