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Debuted at the CES this year, AirTV was one of the most exciting product offerings by Sling TV. The set top box runs on Android OS, and offers a combination of Sling TV streaming services along with the on-air channels through a single interface. The company also exhibited other capabilities of the device at the CES Expo like full antenna integration.

After its announcement, the device was quickly shipped to customers around. Yet recently, AirTV has been reportedly running into a problem, which has mostly affected the first customers of the service.

As per reports, there is a clear lack in the full range of services offered that the company had previously announced at an earlier press meet. At the CES demo broadcast, AirTV successfully carried out this integration of broadcast channels. The channels appeared in the “My TV” menu in the guide on Sling’s main menu. There was also a feature of marking over-the-air channels as favorites that aids in quicker access.

However, this feature is absent in the service that began broadcasting later. Many customers complained regarding this lack of promised content by AirTV. The major aspect of this issue is that the Air TV’s product fails to display the over-the-air channels into the Sling TV guide.

Responding to the complaints, an AirTV representative stated that the successful integration of the over- the-air channels with Sling TV’s streaming will require a major update to the devices. This new update is expected to be released in a couple of weeks.

Broadcast Channel Integration

Accessing over-the-air channels will require the users to do additional tasks such as scrolling down the channel list. It is also required to press the “Over the Air and Internet Channels” buttons for finally viewing the list of channels. This lack of accessing broadcast channels along with Sling’s streaming contents is a real issue that needs to be quickly rectified.

Customers who brought this service as a combo of AirTV’s streaming box and the USB tuner mainly reported this issue, whereas the same is completely absent in the $100 AirTV streaming box.

No matter what, the services offered by AirTV are the best in the category when compared to other broadcasters. Along with broadcast channel integration, it provides accessibility to Netflix recommended content in the Sling guide.

The device is well designed, mainly the remote control with its innovatively laid out buttons, and is easy to use. However, customers must delay the purchase of this service, until proper dates for the broadcast TV integration update are announced.

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