Sling TV Adds French Channel Packages

Sling TV
French Channel Packages

With TV providers like Comcast showing interest in their international programming, Sling TV has recently announced the addition of two French add-on packages. Sling Television is aiming to bring the best of French TV directly to fans of French programming in the United States.

Rather than offering a one size fits all French package, Sling has made two options to the customers, so that they can choose the one that best fits their viewing preferences and needs. The two French packs are the French Bouquet and the Français Extra.

French Bouquet

The French Bouquet pack is designed for those viewers who wish to have a wide variety of French channels that span from news, movies, lifestyle, sports, kids, and general entertainment. This pack is offered at fifteen dollars per month and has thirty-four French and English channels.

The channel lineup of the French Bouquet pack includes TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand, TV5MONDE Info, TV5MONDE Style, TiVi5MONDE, France 24, beIN SPORTS (which carries Ligue 1), Eurochannel, Trace Sport Stars, Euronews, Trace Urban, and more.

Français Extra

This pack is for those viewers who want to supplement the English “Best of Live TV” packages from Sling TV with French programming. The English “Best of Live TV” packages include Sling Blue, Sling Orange, or a combination of Sling Blue and Sling Orange. The pack is available at five dollars per month and offers four channels including France 24, TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand (SVOD), Trace Urban, and TiVi5MONDE.

Sling Television
French Bouquet Package

This recent launch of the French packages marks the fourth European language group that is offered on the network and the twenty-first language that is available on Sling TV. The other European language packs that are available in Sling TV are Italian, Polish, and German. Expanding the packages and channels available to the fans of international programming is still a priority for Sling TV.

The integration of the French channels to Sling TV came after Comcast Cable CEO Neil Smit said in the fourth quarter earnings call that the availability of international channels is the prime reason why Comcast has integrated Sling TV channels into their Xfinity X1 video platform.

“Concerning the Sling integration, we really were focused on the multicultural content that they had,” Smit said. “It’s an important segment for us to target, and we think they have great content and will be a good partner to integrate.”

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