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Since its launch in 2015, Sling TV has been trying to add more and more channels to their offering to attract subscribers, and now, they have added six channels of SIP International network to their packages. This has been confirmed by the representatives of SIP International. The newly added SIP international channels are FightBox HD, DocuBox HD, Fast&FunBox HD, FashionBox HD, NatureVision TV, and 360TuneBox.

Sling TV representatives said that DocuBox, FashionBox, NatureVision, and 360 TuneBox have been added to the English Bonus Pack offering from Sling TV that is for the international users. Fast&FunBox and FightBox are part of the World Sports package from SlingTV, whereas FightBox (with Polish audio) and DocuBox have been added to the Polish Mosaic pack of Sling. They join two ethnic SPI channels that have been already offered by Sling TV, Kino Polska Muzyka International and Kino Polska International.

“SPI/FILMBOX Channels Group is excited to expand its channel portfolio on Sling TV,” Stacey Sobel, who is the executive VP of SPI International, said in a statement. “We are looking forward to adding new channels in the future in order to serve both English-language and ethnic audiences.”

Optimized For Sling TV

Sling TV was an early entry of Dish Network into the streaming market. This was one of the first internet-based services that allowed users to watch a streaming version of the channels, which they normally watched via a satellite or cable TV subscription. Being the first mover, SlingTV set the standards in terms of cost, channel offerings and compatibility.

Moving forward, Sling recently announced an “Optimized for Sling TV” certification program, which will help users to know if their device will work well with the Sling TV service. With the devices, the criteria could be the presence of a Sling button on the remoter controller, way to auto launch Sling TV when the device is turned on, and integration with over-the-air broadcasts in Sling channels guide.

Sling CEO Roger Lynch sees AirTV as a good example for the other device manufacturers to follow. “I’m hopeful that other device partners will make devices similar to this, and do similar types of integrations for Sling, and that it’ll spur innovation in the ecosystem,” he said. With more and more channels being added to the lineup, SlingTV is surely a big contestant in the industry.

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