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Sling TV has just announced that they are introducing On-Demand and live internet television services on tablets and Windows 10 PCs for their subscribers. Sling subscribers can access this offer by downloading the Sling TV app from the Windows Store. This offer is available to Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and all other Sling TV packages.

Subscribers will get an opportunity to watch their favorite movies and popular TV shows at their convenience through this amazing offer from Sling TV. In addition to this, Dish Network has also guaranteed that they will continue their support for its PC app that runs on Windows devices, and also ensured that the PC version will be available on Windows 10 devices within a few months.

CEO of Sling TV, Roger Lynch said, “Enabling billions of hours of content consumption among tens of millions of users in the U.S., Windows 10 is a natural platform for Sling TV as we continue to make it easier and more convenient for consumers to access our service. We have invested significant resources and hours in creating a superior Sling TV experience on Windows 10 that highlights the platform’s unique features.”

Tuula Rytila, corporate vice president, post sales monetization (PSM), Microsoft said, “We’re excited for customers to experience the Windows 10 Sling TV app, taking advantage of capabilities unique to our platform, such as Cortana voice commands and Live Tiles. Microsoft continuously works with industry leading partners to bring high quality apps to the Windows Store and we’re pleased to offer Sling TV as another way for consumers to experience live TV on Windows 10 devices.”

Sling TV subscribers will receive several latest features in Sling TV’s Windows 10 platform. The new interface is pretty much simple and a few of these features are listed below.

Live Tiles

This amazing feature in Sling TV’s Windows platform will enable the users to easily see the contents from “continue watching” and “favorites”.

Cortana Voice Integration

The Cortana Voice Integration feature will enable the users to search for their favorite TV shows and movies by voice.

Vertical Main Menu

The Vertical Main Menu feature on Sling TV enables the subscribers to easily find the programs offered by the network.

Responsive User Interface

The Responsive User Interface enabled by Sling TV would automatically adapt the video into different sizes.

Touch Compatibility

Sling TV subscribers can easily access Sling TV on Windows 10 either on touch or non-touch Windows 10 devices.

Sling TV is facing a challenging competition from its competitors even though they are the first major provider in TV streaming platform. Sling has done quite well since its launch and has attracted numerous subscribers to their offerings due to the quality service and entertaining content they offer in their packages.

Furthermore, Dish Network’s Sling TV was also the first provider to add NFL Network, which targeted the youth and sports fans in the country. Sling TV has also been aiming to add more channels to their offerings in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

In a recent announcement, Sling TV declared that they have added NHL Network to their offerings. Sling TV is the first online streaming platform to acquire the rights for this sports network.

“With hockey season already in full swing, die-hard fans are donning their jerseys, and Sling TV makes it easy and affordable to watch NHL Network wherever they are, so they don’t miss a single slap shot,” said Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch.

“As the premier streaming destination for sports, we continue to offer fans nationwide the games they can’t live without, whether they love soccer, college football, pro football, MLB playoffs, the NCAA basketball tournament, and now NHL hockey,” he added.

DirecTV Packages
Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic

The addition of NHL Network in Sling TV will allow subscribers to access over 75 games, which includes the upcoming match between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers, scheduled for October 22. In addition to that, Sling TV subscribers will also be able to watch the Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic between Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets on October 23. NHL games will also be available on NBC Sports Network and NBC channels.

Sling TV subscribers can access the NHL Network by subscribing to the providers Sports Extra package. Sling Orange customers can add this package to their channel lineup for an extra $5 per month. However, Sling Blue subscribers will have to pay $10 per month, if they wish to subscribe to the Sports Extra package.

Earlier, Sling subscribers had to subscribe to both Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages to get all channels offered by the streaming platform, which cost them $45 per month. However, Sling has cut $5 from their bundle package, which allows the customers to access all Sling TV contents at $40 per month.

Major Cable Operator Will Provide Eye-Control to Users

A new web-based remote has been developed by Comcast® which is capable of assessing everything on the TV and the home devices connected to it. The latest feature provides the users control over basic TV functions like searching for a movie, changing the volume, or shifting the channel, all by simply moving their eyes near the screen. Below is a discussion on this feature released by Comcast® which is one of the fastest internet provider in the country. The company considers this development as a small step ahead for the technological advancements that would follow. Wlodkowski is a pioneer of technology at Comcast®. He is himself blind and has advocated numerous programs for the disabled and better access to technology
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A Review of 5G Speed Tests on Major US Internet Providers

The major internet providers in the United States launched 5G internet speed and a reputed team of professionals tested its efficiency and ability to cater to the needs of the users. The major internet providers mentioned above include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. After testing their internet speeds in the major American cities, it is reported that AT&T is the fastest internet provider since it offers the best download speeds. However, there are some limitations to this. Note that only business customers will be able to use the 5G enabled phones of AT&T as of now. Ordinary buyers will have to wait till 2020 to make use of the 5G internet speed of this fastest internet provider. All the four
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Telecommunications Companies Team Up to Develop Targeted Advertising

Comcast® is one of the best cable TV providers in the US that continues to innovate in the industry. On June 18, 2019, the company introduced a program to develop an advertising plan, which better targets viewers, as the TV segment looks to draw in more advertisers from digital players such as Facebook Inc. and Google. Comcast’s initiative, known as “On Addressability”, looks to set standards for the addressable advertising approach, which targets advertisements to certain households according to their interest. So far, it has only been done on a small-scale basis in television advertising. Comcast® said that it will team up with two other providers of cable TV, namely Cox Media® and Charter Communications®, to accumulate the things they
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Customers are “Beta Testers” for an Upcoming Streaming Service

Customers who use the AT&T® streaming device said that they felt as if they are beta testers for DIRECTV NOW’s new service. The President, Mobility and Entertainment, at AT&T® David Christopher confirmed this is true in a talk with FierceVideo. “AT&T® built its new streaming box for the service because the company believes it wouldn’t get all the benefits if it had just made the new DIRECTV® service an application,” said Christopher in the interview. FierceVideo added, “Christopher reiterated the benefits that AT&T executives have previously laid out, namely the low-cost piece of hardware that consumers can install, which will help lower the cost of customer acquisition by eliminating the need for truck rolls and
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A New Telecom Store Set To Connect With Steamboat Springs Community

People in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, will have the option to purchase a new phone and understand more about DIRECTV NOW® or DIRECTV® at an AT&T® store. Active Communications, Inc. is the authorized AT&T® retailer in this Colorado region. The Active Communications president, Anita Denboske said, “We have wanted to open a store in Steamboat Springs for a long time.” Denboske opened the retail outlet earlier in June 2019 at 1809 Central Park Drive. Besides this one in Steamboat Springs, she also owns and runs other stores in Edwards, Eagle, Basalt, Aspen, Grand Junction, Dillon, and Glenwood Springs. “We are excited that AT&T® has given this opportunity. We are also excited to become a part of the community of Steamboat Springs,”
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AT&T® To Launch Its First 5G-Enabled Mobile Phone on June 17

AT&T® is one of the popular telecommunication giants in the United States of America and often comes up with the best internet plans and offers. The fastest internet provider is now all set to launch its first 5G-enabled mobile phone. However, regular customers will not be able to purchase it now since the company… On June 12, 2019, AT&T® announced the launch of its first mobile phone. The company is all set to launch its Samsung Galaxy S10 phone that employs the AT&T® developer program on June 17th, 2019. The phone supports 5G network system and this innovation ecosystem is about to kick start the next generation of connected devices and define the possibilities of the best internet or 5G
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Telecom Company Working On A Health Tracking Device

The telecom Company Comcast® is planning to build an in-home device to examine people’s health. The company also said that it is planning to test the same towards the end of the year 2019. A team including the senior vice president and general manager of health innovation at Comcast® are in the stage of developing the technology. The device will assess people’s basic health parameters with the help of ambient sensors. It is going to concentrate on people who may spend an excessive amount of time in bed or someone who visits the bathroom too frequently. Besides, the company is also looking into detecting falls. This has been a major cause for fatality among the senior population. The Plan Comcast®
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Comcast® Launched a Security Feature to Safeguard Wi-Fi Connected Devices

Comcast® is one of the best telecommunication companies in the United States that offers the best cable deals and internet offers to the customers. Recently, the fastest internet provider launched a security feature to protect all Wi-Fi connected devices in Chattanooga. With this security feature, the Comcast® consumers can easily monitor and block the online threats to their Wi-Fi connected devices at home. Note that some people may encounter some phishing threats and malware issues as they visit different websites. This security feature launched by Comcast® will protect their customers from all such online threats. Plus, it will also prevent remote access to your Wi-Fi connected devices from unknown sources and will report or notify you in case of any
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The Reason behind Game of Thrones’ Early Leak on TV Revealed

Despite everything HBO® had tried to prevent the leak of “Game of Thrones”, the show’s Season 8, Episode 1, was still released around four hours before its scheduled time slot. GoT Season 8’s premiere was released by accident by DIRECTV®, AT&T’s subsidiary. For an uninitiated, HBO® is owned by Warner Media, which is the renamed Time Warner® acquired by AT&T® in one of the best cable deals last year. The scheduled time slot for the show’s premiere was 09:00 pm E.T. on April 14, 2019. About 05:00 pm on Sunday, DIRECTV® sent a push notification to some users, which informed them that they had access to Game of Thrones hours before others around the world. Are you wondering how this
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The Sale of HBO® Europe Now in the Pipeline

AT&T® has held discussions about selling HBO® Europe, as the Dallas-based telecommunications company tries to cut their $170 billion debt load, as per many former and present senior executives. Once HBO® was Time Warner’s media asset, but it became AT&T’s when the Telco giant acquired the media empire in 2018. However, there has been discord between the Texas-based fastest internet provider and the New York-based executives of it, which has led to the exits of HBO’s COO Simon Sutton and CEO Richard Plepler. HBO® Europe is part of the many assets the company has considered selling, as per people close to the matter. HBO® also has divisions in Asia and Latin America. It has operated for decades in Europe, licensing
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