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Sling TV has just announced that they are introducing On-Demand and live internet television services on tablets and Windows 10 PCs for their subscribers. Sling subscribers can access this offer by downloading the Sling TV app from the Windows Store. This offer is available to Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and all other Sling TV packages.

Subscribers will get an opportunity to watch their favorite movies and popular TV shows at their convenience through this amazing offer from Sling TV. In addition to this, Dish Network has also guaranteed that they will continue their support for its PC app that runs on Windows devices, and also ensured that the PC version will be available on Windows 10 devices within a few months.

CEO of Sling TV, Roger Lynch said, “Enabling billions of hours of content consumption among tens of millions of users in the U.S., Windows 10 is a natural platform for Sling TV as we continue to make it easier and more convenient for consumers to access our service. We have invested significant resources and hours in creating a superior Sling TV experience on Windows 10 that highlights the platform’s unique features.”

Tuula Rytila, corporate vice president, post sales monetization (PSM), Microsoft said, “We’re excited for customers to experience the Windows 10 Sling TV app, taking advantage of capabilities unique to our platform, such as Cortana voice commands and Live Tiles. Microsoft continuously works with industry leading partners to bring high quality apps to the Windows Store and we’re pleased to offer Sling TV as another way for consumers to experience live TV on Windows 10 devices.”

Sling TV subscribers will receive several latest features in Sling TV’s Windows 10 platform. The new interface is pretty much simple and a few of these features are listed below.

Live Tiles

This amazing feature in Sling TV’s Windows platform will enable the users to easily see the contents from “continue watching” and “favorites”.

Cortana Voice Integration

The Cortana Voice Integration feature will enable the users to search for their favorite TV shows and movies by voice.

Vertical Main Menu

The Vertical Main Menu feature on Sling TV enables the subscribers to easily find the programs offered by the network.

Responsive User Interface

The Responsive User Interface enabled by Sling TV would automatically adapt the video into different sizes.

Touch Compatibility

Sling TV subscribers can easily access Sling TV on Windows 10 either on touch or non-touch Windows 10 devices.

Sling TV is facing a challenging competition from its competitors even though they are the first major provider in TV streaming platform. Sling has done quite well since its launch and has attracted numerous subscribers to their offerings due to the quality service and entertaining content they offer in their packages.

Furthermore, Dish Network’s Sling TV was also the first provider to add NFL Network, which targeted the youth and sports fans in the country. Sling TV has also been aiming to add more channels to their offerings in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

In a recent announcement, Sling TV declared that they have added NHL Network to their offerings. Sling TV is the first online streaming platform to acquire the rights for this sports network.

“With hockey season already in full swing, die-hard fans are donning their jerseys, and Sling TV makes it easy and affordable to watch NHL Network wherever they are, so they don’t miss a single slap shot,” said Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch.

“As the premier streaming destination for sports, we continue to offer fans nationwide the games they can’t live without, whether they love soccer, college football, pro football, MLB playoffs, the NCAA basketball tournament, and now NHL hockey,” he added.

DirecTV Packages
Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic

The addition of NHL Network in Sling TV will allow subscribers to access over 75 games, which includes the upcoming match between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers, scheduled for October 22. In addition to that, Sling TV subscribers will also be able to watch the Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic between Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets on October 23. NHL games will also be available on NBC Sports Network and NBC channels.

Sling TV subscribers can access the NHL Network by subscribing to the providers Sports Extra package. Sling Orange customers can add this package to their channel lineup for an extra $5 per month. However, Sling Blue subscribers will have to pay $10 per month, if they wish to subscribe to the Sports Extra package.

Earlier, Sling subscribers had to subscribe to both Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages to get all channels offered by the streaming platform, which cost them $45 per month. However, Sling has cut $5 from their bundle package, which allows the customers to access all Sling TV contents at $40 per month.

AT&T® and Fullscreen Venture Hello Lab Originals Announce 3 Series

Hello Lab Originals, the joint venture between AT&T® and the media company named Fullscreen, has announced a fresh slate of three original series to be debuted this year. Aimed at millennial and generation Z audiences, every series comprises several points of plot engagement, besides the scripted series, such as companion video blogs, social media interaction, a podcast and experimental elements. The “Starter Pack”, which will premiere on the Facebook Watch platform on August 20, merges traditional talent and digital creators to tell an art school graduate’s story. The show is about a graduate, who turns her talent to a new medium. On the other hand, the “Guilty Party” show returns to the streaming platform YouTube on October 02 for the
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Comcast® Expands Services into Two Seattle Neighborhoods

Comcast® will reportedly begin serving two neighborhoods in Seattle for the first time starting on August 18, 2018. The cable and internet services of Comcast® will become accessible for the Capitol Hill and First Hill residents. The cable giant says that they are moving into the neighborhoods since Seattle city lifted franchise restrictions 3 years ago. The restrictions previously limited the number of neighborhoods, which cable TV providers could serve. They were stipulated to serve all neighborhoods in a district but without encroaching on other franchise locations. The franchise boundaries in the city were in place for a long time. They were also meant to limit rivalry between companies, said Bill Schrier a former CTO for Seattle. It is expensive
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AT&T® Adds NFL Network to DIRECTV NOW’s Roster of Channels

If you are a fan of American Football, who has subscribed to the DIRECTV NOW® “Just Right” pack or any of their higher packages, you will be glad to hear that the best internet provider, AT&T®, has added NFL Network to the subscription TV streaming service’s list of channels. NFL Network is available on DIRECTV NOW® at no additional charge to the eligible subscribers, who pay for premium packages. DIRECTV NOW® has mentioned that subscribers are eligible to access the NFL Network for free as long as they have “Just Right” package or above. NFL Network is the only network that is fully devoted to the coverage of National Football League, one of the most popular sports league in the
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Charter Communications® Have No Plans to Acquire Content Providers

Even as the telecommunications company AT&T® has made big acquisitions of late and Comcast® announced plans to acquire Sky plc, Charter Communications® is going to stick to their own success formula. The company does not intend to acquire content providers in order to diversify their assets and extend video programming. The decision was announced by Charter Communications’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tom Rutledge, at their Q2 earnings call. Even though many content companies approached Charter®, the company chief said the proposed acquisitions haven’t made sense due to strategic reasons, and price. “Our views on content haven’t changed,” said Tom Rutledge. “A lot of content companies have come to us and asked us to buy them,” but the decision went
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XFINITY® Internet Offers Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Beta to Subs

Recently, XFINITY® and Activision® entered a tie-up that will provide XFINITY® internet subscribers opportunity to participate in “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” Multiplayer Beta. The full game will release officially only on October 12, 2018, but this is a promotional offer for the subscribers of Comcast XFINITY®. If you are a residential XFINITY® internet subscriber, and meets their eligibility criteria to play the game, this news bodes well for you. Of course, if you are ready to try your luck with the promo offer, you should be one who enjoys the experience of death-match gaming. All thanks to the collaboration between the two companies, eligible XFINITY® internet subs can partake in the game’s Multiplayer Beta. To participate in a
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AT&T® Plans to Expand Mobile 5G Network to North Carolina Cities

The gen-next mobile network is going to come to Charlotte and Raleigh in 2018. The fastest internet provider, AT&T®, announced that it has added the cities in North Carolina to the first expansion plans of the 5G mobile network. Oklahoma is also going to get the next-gen network and joins Dallas, Waco, Atlanta, and Texas to have been part of AT&T’s build-out plans. The AT&T® executives, comprising their President of Technology and Operations Melissa Arnoldi, promise that the build-out project will prove to be “more than just a better network.” The company representatives feel that the technology will actually support use cases in other fields, notably the automobile industry’s plan to debut driverless vehicles. The 5G plans promise improvements in
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Charter® Nearing on Series Order for Manhunt: Unabomber Season 2

Earlier this year, Discovery Channel opted out of the second season of Manhunt: Unabomber. That happened after the programming strategy of Discovery network changed and they decided to opt out of the scripted series scene and focus on those that are unscripted. Lionsgate, the limited series’ studio, pitched season two of the TV series to other buyers. One of the best cable providers, Charter Communications®, is reportedly on the verge of picking up an order for subsequent episodes of Manhunt: Unabomber from Lionsgate Television. The company is on advanced negotiations with the television subsidiary of Lionsgate, which supplies content to cable platforms. If Charter’s negotiations with Lionsgate TV go through, Manhunt: Unabomber Season 2 will leverage the cable provider’s limited
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AT&T® Announce Plans to Acquire AlienVault by Q3 of 2018

After the acquisition of Time Warner®, the Dallas-based Telco AT&T® announced their plans to acquire more companies to strengthen their advertisement platform and media business. Recently, AT&T® officials said that they are planning to buy the cyber security company named AlienVault. The financial terms of the forthcoming acquisition are yet to be revealed by the Telco giant, but they are expecting to close the deal by the 3rd quarter of this year. AlienVault is renowned for the threat intelligence platform titled “Open Threat Exchange” and other services that are used to detect and respond to security threats. AlienVault has reportedly sourced close to $120 million through venture funding, with $52 million raised in its final phase in 2015. The company
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21st Century Fox Prepares a New Bid to Takeover Sky plc

21st Century Fox is readying a fresh bid for Sky plc that would value at around $25 billion. This is a giveaway that Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is fully committed to beat Comcast® in the race to purchase what is a pan-European company that offers subscription TV broadcasting. Fox’s bid is expected to come if their previous bid for Sky plc gets approved by the government of the United Kingdom. Based on that, the media company would make a new offer for Sky plc that would outbid that of Comcast®, which values at $12.50 per share. Also in the running to acquire Sky plc, in which Fox Networks Group has 39 percent stake yet is looking to take over, is
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Charter® Rolls out Spectrum Mobile® to New and Existing Subscribers

Charter Communications® launched Spectrum Mobile®, their much-anticipated mobile service with a similar business model to compete with XFINITY Mobile® from Comcast®. Note that these two cable and internet providers have created an operating platform corroboration that focuses on design and development of backend systems meant to support the said mobile services. Spectrum Mobile® will be accessible to customers in two options – a $45 per month unlimited plan that allows 20 GB data prior to speed throttling starts, and another plan priced at $14 per GB. In other words, in that plan, customers of the mobile service from Charter® can pay for each gigabyte of data they want to consume. Further, both mobile plans from the fastest internet provider comprise
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