Apple Approaches Time Warner After Monitoring AT&T’s Talk

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It is reported that Apple is not ruling out the possibilities of a Time Warner acquisition totally, even when the talks between AT&T and Time Warner appears to move in a positive direction. AT&T has been looking at the possibility of a merger with Time Warner for quite some time, and it is reported that the talks have gone further along.

Apple is closely monitoring the talks between AT&T and Time Warner, and they have approached Time Warner recently. People familiar with the matter say that their discussions have not progressed beyond a preliminary stage. Yet it can be confirmed that Apple is not closing the door to a Time Warner acquisition.

It was reported back in January that Apple wishes to acquire Time Warner to support the streaming service that they are planning to launch soon, but these plans were at a pause for some time. Later, it was reported that Apple considered buying Time Warner, but this time, they focused on investing in original content.

In a July report, Apple TV head, Eddy Cue, cooled the flames on the rumors of TV service from Apple, when asked about Apple’s interest in Time Warner. “Whether we’re providing it or somebody else is, it really doesn’t matter to us. What we’re trying to do is build the platform that allows anybody to get content to consumers.”

“If a Time Warner [Cable] or a DirecTV wants to offer a bundle themselves, they should do it through Apple TV and iPad and iPhone. As a matter of fact, I’m not a big fan of the skinny bundle,” Cue added. Interestingly, Apple hired former vice president of Time Warner last month, in order to monitor their cloud services.

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Apple has been rumored working on many things in the TV market, which even includes an actual TV and streaming service that is very much similar to PlayStation Vue or Sling TV, but both the projects are put on hold indefinitely. The latest venture from Apple, however, is said to be a universal TV Guide that is aimed to pull in content from the different streaming services to offer a traditional TV viewing experience to the users.

Moreover, the new Apple TV has features like universal search that goes halfway by searching for content across various channels. They have also promised a single sign-in feature that offers different channels from single content provider on tvOS and iOS.

As for the Time Warner and AT&T matter, the interest of Apple is fascinating, as reports say that Apple is watching the advancements from a distance.

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