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As per the latest reports, as well as confirmation from an Apple spokesperson, Apple Inc has hired former Time Warner Cable executive Peter Stern as their senior vice president for entertainment. He will be reporting to Eddy Cue and will be holding the title of vice president working on jobs that are related to the growing cloud services of Apple, including Apple music.

Stern left TWC early this year following the acquisition of TWC by Charter Communications. He served in the senior strategy and corporate development roles at TWC, and recently served as chief product, people, and strategy officer. He was helping implementing a strategy that is faced on consumer service.

Stern worked at Time Warner Inc, before working at Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Inc is the former parent company of Time Warner Cable. Stern was much vocal about cable companies needing to be willing to offer apps on third party set top boxes like Apple TV, rather than leasing cable boxes. Stern was very much involved in the discussions and conversations between TWC and Apple, as both the companies considered working on a set top box.

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Experts say that hiring of Stern makes much sense for Apple Inc, as they are growing their subscriptions and content offered. Apple Music had reached a whopping number of seventeen million subscribers and they are also planning to launch a series of exclusive content like the one named Planet of the Apps TV show. It is not yet clear if Apple will focus on launching a streaming television service after the appointment of Stern. The role of Stern is to cover cloud services generally, including areas like iCloud, Apple Music, and iTunes.

Apple and Cue have also worked before to launch a streaming skinny service bundle, but this service was never fulfilled. It seems that Apple had issues negotiating with TV networks and the hiring of Stern may help with it, if Apple is still interested in launching the streaming service package. For now, Apple is focusing on having networks make apps for tvOS Apple TV.

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