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As a customer, you would always have to make tough decisions on your necessary products and services. In today’s competitive world, every product or service has got equally convincing alternative products or services. You have to choose the most appropriate one based on your intuition, experience with a particular brand, reviews from other customers, etc. This is very true when it comes to choosing one of the Triple Play packages from Time Warner Cable and AT&T U-verse.

If you are an average customer looking forward to choosing the most affordable broadband services, chances are that you would get confused with the alluring offers out there, because you would somewhat find both brands offer equally competitive services. Even visiting their official websites to clarify your doubts might not help you sometimes. However, a careful comparison of the triple play deals offered by both AT&T U-Verse and Time Warner Cable would help.

While Choosing A Triple Play Package

If you are serious about choosing a triple play service, you need to keep these things in mind:

  • Overall price
  • Customer support
  • Reliability of the service
  • Broadband speed
  • Number of television channels offered

Time Warner Cable

Being the third largest cable TV, internet, and home phone service provider in the country, TWC services are both popular and appealing. They offer about 200 HD channels, numerous tiers to choose from, traditional DVRs, etc. As long as the internet is concerned, the speed ranges between 50 Mbps and 300 Mbps. They also offer a basic connection (2 Mbps) at just $14.99/mo. However, it is said that they charge heavily for the equipments. So before ordering TWC service, compare their equipment prices with the same by other providers.

AT&T U-Verse

As compared to its competitors, AT&T has access to the finest and sophisticated technologies. So they are able to give better customer experience on all the services on offer, be it home phone, broadband, or television. When it comes to the number of television channels offered, AT&T offers more than 210 HD channels, which is the highest in the industry at the moment. When it comes to the internet, AT&T U-Verse, you would never have to complain about the speed because you would get a constant 45 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload speeds.

As long as the home phone is concerned, AT&T makes it more feature-rich than other services. The home phone service is incorporated with features like anonymous home rejection, national/international calling, call waiting, three-way calling, home phone service with caller ID, etc.

As you can see, both AT&T U-Verse and Time Warner Cable have pros and cons. So before zeroing in on one of these services, do not forget to consider all the aforementioned aspects.

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