Employees Of Time Warner Troubled By New Management

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Charter Communications’ acquisition of Time Warner Cable, which closed roughly 2 months ago, has already brought havoc into TWC Corporate culture. Charter has issued a memo to all TWC employees at the corporate offices, including the New York City office staff, which was Time Warner’s headquarters. The memo restricts a series of practices that include banning of jeans in office, requires high-level approval for working from home, and no early departures on slow summer Fridays.

Back in 2012, Marissa Mayer took over Yahoo as CEO and banned working from home for most employees. A few companies copied the same plan, but most workplace research showed that the practice enhanced productivity. The memo from Paul Marchland, head of human resource for Charter, however says, “If you have been or sometimes work from home and you are assigned to work functions in these corporate buildings you should immediately begin to report to your work location every day. Any formal work from home arrangement must be approved by an EVP and must have time bound criteria.”

According to Marchland, the memo “aligned corporate offices with Charter’s practices at its corporate locations.” Charter acquired Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable for around $71 billion a couple of months ago. They have already started procedures to rebrand the acquired brands with their Spectrum brand.

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Rob Marcus, Former CEO made an apology for making unreasonable burden on employees in the memo sent before he left the company. The latest memo banned jeans in workplace without a sanction from an executive Vice President. Paul Marchland wrote “We will provide a harmonized workplace dress policy in the coming months, however unless approved by an EVP for a specific department and location, jeans are not deemed professional attire. In advance of the policy, if you are in doubt as to whether your attire is appropriate, better to not wear it.”

The new memos have made the lives of TWC employees miserable. They were allowed to leave early on Fridays by working longer hours at the start of summer weeks. However, the newly established restrictions ban the summer hours now.

A sudden change of corporate culture to a firm will be hard to follow for the employees and they will need some time to get used to it. Charter Communications desires a uniform system for all its companies, which is not a bad thing from their perspective. But the productivity will surely be affected due to the uneasiness of the newly imparted system in this case.

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