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Speed tests have now revealed that Time Warner Cable is failing to provide the promised speeds to the users. This is as per a state government official of New York, but they have not released anything publicly to prove the claim. It is rumored that they have shared the test results with TWC Internet. The new owner of TWC, Charter received a letter asking them to improve their services, from New York attorney general’s office.

“We recently called on New York customers of major broadband providers to use open-source tools to test the Internet speeds they were experiencing,” NY Senior Enforcement Counsel, Tim Wu wrote to Charter CEO Tom Rutledge. “The results we received from Time Warner Cable customers were abysmal. Not only did Time Warner Cable fail to achieve the speeds its customers were promised and paid for (which Time Warner Cable blamed on the testing method), it generally performed worse in this regard than other New York broadband providers.”

Tim Wu investigated on the speeds of Internet that is delivered by Verizon, TWC, and Cablevision. The letter from Wu to TWC did not have any specific numbers, but says that the results of speed tests are troubling. The letter from Wu to the service provider further criticized TWC, as they promise to offer blazing fast internet to users. In their advertisements, they offer super reliable collection, but in reality, the connection were substandard.

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Federal Communications Commission had previously found that some users of TWC Internet are not getting the speeds that they pay for. FCC found that about 10% of the TWC customers were getting less than 80% of the download speed that is advertised, at peak times. Around 15% of the customers were getting 80 to 95 percent of the speed, where the rest got more than 95% of the speed.

In response to that, Charter has said that they would take the necessary steps to improve the speed of Time Warner Cable and Bright House. Bright House is another cable network provider that is acquired by Charter, and they would certainly try to do their best to have a stronghold in the market.

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