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Charter Communications has announced that TWC customers won’t see any changes in the cost of services and products because of the merger, at least, as for now. As stated earlier, Charter bought TWC and Bright House networks to become the nation’s second largest home internet provider and third largest video service provider. Charter has its presence in 41 states, serving 25 million customers now. It includes customers who have been paying their monthly bills to TWC, which sizes about 14 million people.

As Charter intends to phase out the Time Warner and Bright House names, TWC clients would want to familiarize themselves with a different marketing name called Spectrum. Things would be marketed under the Spectrum brand name from now onwards, and the combined company would be called Charter Communications. However, the company representatives said that customers will be notified on their website about any changes made to their products, services, or pricing, as and when it happens.

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The company website reads that people will “hear more from us as it relates to network, product, and service improvements.” Nevertheless, company representative Justin Venech said that TWC would not see any significant changes in the near future. “For the coming months, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, and Charter Spectrum will continue offering their current suite of advanced products and services to customers in their markets.”

Venech said in an email that they “will be applying the Charter playbook, which Charter president and CEO, Tom Rutledge and the management team have been implementing at Charter over the past 4 years, and which has led to the successes Charter is seeing today, across the footprint of the combined company.”

Charter Communications also revealed its plans of increasing the staffing and the making the company all-digital. It is assumed that Charter will be adding around 20,000 jobs to the present combined workforce of more than 90,000 employees across the country. “The newly merged company,” Venech said, “will improve care by in-sourcing and bringing back to the U.S. oversees TWC call center jobs.”

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