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The FCC chairman just approved the acquisition of TWC by Charter communications, and paved way for huge changes to one of the largest internet and TV providers in the country. Still, the full body needs to vote on the recommendation on the $78 billion sale, which many stakeholders expect to proceed without a hitch.

Time Warner Cable is busy with rolling out an all-digital network, which can boost speeds and give new capabilities, under the branding TWC Maxx. This is set to bring minimum speeds of 50 Megabits per second and boosted maximum speeds of 300 Mbps, along with new TV capabilities. The last maximum speed TWC offered was 50 Mbps. Also, the speed upgrade does not come with additional cost to the customer.

That rollout apparently won’t be affected by the upcoming acquisition, according to spokesman Mike Pedelty. TWC has also been converting eight channels from analog to digital, including AMC, CNBC, Discovery, Nickelodeon, and TLC. After the merger, the combination will be called New Charter.

The new speeds to be provided by TWC Maxx will align the network more with what New Charter has promised customers. Another thing they have been touting is uniform pricing around the nation, and the removal of caps on data usage in a month. In addition, there will not be different tiers based on how much data is used.

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The FCC has already mandated this for at least the first seven years after New Charter is formed. They also won’t be allows to change content providers for ‘fast lanes’ which connect them to customers.

New Charter has also promised to get rid of modem fees, and not to charge customers who choose to terminate a service agreement. The official website has the proposed company announcing plans to reinstate all TWC call center jobs from oversees, and to roll out new tech at a much faster pace. This will certainly attract a lot of new customers, as well as incentivize existing ones to stay on with the provider.

New Charter will expand service to another two million homes, and that along with the removal of data caps would make this one of the most appealing internet options.

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