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Increased Speed For Internet

Time Warner Cable network had revealed its plans to offer high-speed internet to its subscribers before its merger with Charter Communications. They were already at the halfway stage at Cincinnati, and had almost completed the upgrading process in Northern Kentucky before the merger. However, the merger has put the plans on hold.

Time Warner Cable made the announcement earlier in the month of February that they plan to bring TWC Maxx all-digital network to Cincinnati. TWC wished to offer subscribers a minimum speed of 50 Mbps and a maximum internet speed of 300 Mbps through this plan.

The maximum internet speed, which was available to the customers earlier, was 50 Mbps. However, TWC subscribers can enjoy this speed upgrade at zero extra charges. The plans for this project were speeding up until the merger, but reports suggest that the loss of subscribers during the second quarter forced TWC to put it on hold.

During an earning call with the analysts, Charter CFO, Christopher Winfrey said that, “There is, obviously, the significant amount of all-digital activity that was continuing at TWC. And that will be largely put on hold as we put in the Charter all-digital strategy the beginning of next year.”

However, Mike Pedelty, Local Charter spokesman has guaranteed that Cincinnatians will receive this offer “in the coming months”; but the exact details regarding the completion of the project is still unknown.

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TWC Internet Plans

It is reported that a home television device and a high internet speed of 60 Mbps will be available to the TWC subscribers through Spectrum. Yet again, further details regarding this project in Cincinnati is kept hidden by the company.

Time Warner Cable offers different internet plans to their subscribers, and the base plan offers a minimum speed of 15 Mbps and a maximum speed of 50 Mbps. The TWC internet Maxx program is aiming to change the internet speed of this plan from 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps.

At present, the minimum speed offered by Charter Spectrum to their subscribers is 60 Mbps. This plan is available to the Charter customers at a promotional rate of $39.99 per month for a year. After the end of a year, the subscribers will have to pay $59.99 a month for this service.

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