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Charter Communications bought Time Warner Cable earlier this year and is now rebranding TWC as Spectrum Cable everywhere. They have recently announced the launch of their Spectrum brand in Lincoln as part of switching markets to Spectrum. In August, Charter officials said that the switchover in Lincoln would happen until next year, but it seems as if the timeline has been moved forward.

Charter spokesman Wes Shirley said that users with a Time Warner plan in Lincoln, having internet speed of 50 Mbps, would now have speeds increased to up to 60 Mbps. In addition to that, some of the residential users with internet speeds less than 50 Mbps might also see a small increase in the internet speeds.

He also said that there will not be any changes in the cable and phone plans unless the user opts to move to a Spectrum plan. However, customers will see the Spectrum brand on everything that was Time Warner Cable earlier. This include bill statements, box displays, and retail store signage.

Charter is also planning to make all the acquired Time Warner Cable markets digital, even though they have not said when this will happen. They also added that they are planning to add 20,000 jobs across the nation, but no details were offered on the number of people who will be hired in their Lincoln centers.

In another news, it seems that Charter Communications is revoking their promise to keep offering cheap broadband services to their users. They have rolled out their new pricing in New York area, and as per the pricing, users will not be able to find the low cost 14.99-dollar internet packs.

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Rebranding TWC As Spectrum

Phillip Dampier, who is the head of a watchdog group named StopTheCap said that, “Charter Communications was supposed to keep Everyday Low Price Internet for 14.99 dollars.” Spectrum claimed that they are offering low-cost broadband services even though it is not listed on their website.

Dampier also pointed out that former TWC MAXX users were getting faster internet speeds of 300 Mbps but the latest packages from Spectrum offer speeds of only 100 Mbps. Dampier called Charter’s action a “bait and switch.”

At present, Spectrum offers three triple play packages that range from 90 to 130 dollars. Besides that, the Internet Only package is offered for 39.99 dollars for the first twelve months.

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