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Time Warner Cable has now added a clarification to their copyright infringement notifications. The copyright infringement notification warns pirates of the standard “mitigation measures,” which are part of the Copyright Alert System and adds the persistent pirates to risk of losing their internet connection and many other measures.

The US Copyright Alert System is still in full swing, even though it has not made much news over the past year. It was implemented more than three years ago and the main goal of the program is to educate the public on piracy and prevent it. The program informs people whose connections are being used to pirate and direct them to legal alternatives.

It is the repeat infringers who face the so-called mitigation measures, but the ISPs and copyright holders have made it clear that none of the users will lose their internet access permanently. At least, not under the alerts program. However, Time Warner Cable has decided to update their standard copyright alerts to make it clear that users who continue to violate may lose their email account, internet subscription, and more.

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The recently added section to the copyright alert notification states: “In accordance with our acceptable use policy, your internet service may be subject to termination at our sole discretion if we continue to receive credible allegations that your internet connection has been used to share copyrighted content without permission of the copyright owner.”

TWC adds that an account termination may also result in loss of email account that is offered by the ISP and also many third party services that depend on the internet, like Netflix. The rest of the copyright message is intact. Overall, the message is well-balanced and informs users about the working of the system and user rights.

Without any official statement from TWC, we cannot be sure what made them add the termination language, but there have been some recent developments that may have prompted TWC to make their stance on repeat infringes more clear and visible. The incidents like Cox losing their safe harbor protection, due to the lawsuit between BMG and Cox, as they failed to implement a repeat infringer policy might have made TWC to add the Repeat Infringer Policy.

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