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Changes are coming for the Time Warner Cable customers. If you are a TWC customer, you will have their set top box hooked to your main TV. You may also have a television in your basement, kitchen, or bedroom, with a cable going to the back of the TV. However, from January 13, 2017, you will need a separate set top box for each of the televisions in your home. Time Warner Cable says that the move is to offer customers sharp pictures in an all-digital experience. For this reason, every television needs to be connected to a set top box.

Time Warner Cable will be offering two additional HD receivers to their customers for 2017. However, after the year, users will need to pay 4.99 dollar per month for each of the boxes. TWC has not yet said anything about how long the introductory fee will stay at five dollars per month though. “Digital equipment on every outlet enables customer to benefit from the two-way interactivity digital provides: Clearer picture, access to video on demand, our onscreen interactive guide and easy to use parental controls,” company representatives said in a statement.

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Officials were unable to give a clear idea on how many customers the new move will affect in Rochester market. Once Spectrum takes over Time Warner Cable completely by the month of February, a new system of fee and requirements could come into effect. Reports further say that a lot of other Time Warner Cable markets are also going to mini-boxes, including digital adapters that are about one-fourth the size of a normal set top box.

Yet again, TWC officials have not said anything on when the mini-boxes will be needed and what will be the cost to get these boxes. Another important thing is that, from this week onward, five channels will be offered only in a digital format. These channels include NBC Sports Network also. This means that the users will have to own one of these set top boxes to watch the channels that are offered only in digital format.

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