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Charter Communications recently acquired Time Warner Cable and internet service provider Bright House Networks for $67 billion. This made Charter one of the largest cable operators in the country. Charter is planning to come with new packages, pricing, and even a new name for the merged venture.

Reports say that the name of the new company will be ‘Spectrum’. Charter spokesman Justin Venech said that the changes will happen gradually. “We purchased all of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. With this transaction, we acquired everything. We’re able to take more time in the integration process and not rush to make changes,” he said.

He added that they are planning to completely digitalize the company infrastructure. They are expecting to complete the procedure within 18 months.

Around thousands of area subscribers went offline during a similar deal between Verizon and Frontier Communications. There were many hardware and technical issues that are not solved yet. TWC customers are not sure whether they will face similar problems.

Charter has given out a memo outlining its new corporate policies at its offices in metro Denver, St. Louis, Connecticut, Stamford, Charlotte, Virginia, Herndon, and New York City. As Charter does not have a work-from-home system as in TWC, any such arrangement would have to be approved by an Executive Vice President. Venech said that employees would be full time employees and not contractors. Furthermore, they have also asked employees to stop wearing casual clothing.

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Time Warner Cable allowed its employees to work additional hours early in the week so that they could leave early for the weekend. However, the benefit of “summer hours” will not be given to the corporate employees of Charter, as many customer interacting employees will not be able to make use of it.

As for the customers, the new pricing and packages by Charter will include no modem lease fees or data caps. Instead of bundled packages, Spectrum will be offering package for internet service only. However, customers have the option to continue with their old packages and pricing.

Charter is coming up with new customer service model. In customer service, Charter has added 7000 US jobs from the year 2012 after cancelling its overseas call centers. It is hoped that 20,000 jobs will be made available in Spectrum, when the company shifts its call center to the US.

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