What To Expect After The Time Warner Cable And Charter Merger

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TWC Charter Merger

Be prepared for a few changes, if you are a Time Warner Cable subscriber. Charter Communications acquired TWC and Bright House Networks by signing a 67 million dollar deal earlier in May; a deal, which made Charter Communications the second largest cable operator in the nation.

A recent deal between Verizon and frontier communications resulted in huge distress to the subscribers, as thousands of area subscribers went offline. Furthermore, the subscribers encountered numerous technical and hardware problems as well, which are not yet resolved. Hence, this has caused a panic among the subscribers who are worried if they would face a similar fate with the TWC Charter merger. Here are some of the known changes that you can expect after the merger.

A New Name

Spectrum is the new name assigned for the company. Subscribers may have seen advertisements regarding the name change, but it is speculated that the TWC eyeball logo will appear for a few more months. A solid estimate on when the changes would be completed is unknown.

No Disruptions

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New Charter Company

Company representative, Justin Venech mentioned in a press release that TWC customers should not expect any changes in the distribution, and guaranteed that Spectrum will not be a repeat of Frontier deal. “We purchased all of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. With this transaction we acquired everything,” he said. “We’re able to take more time in the integration process and not rush to make changes.”

More Options

Venech also added, “In the months to come, Charter will convert Time Warner’s aging infrastructure into a wholly digital system. The process should be complete in 18 months.” Venech mentioned that numerous packages and price options would be offered to the subscribers; however, they also have the option to stay with their current package.

“The Spectrum pricing and packaging is a better value than TWC,” Venech said. Spectrum will offer prizes only for internet services, the specific details regarding the pricing are kept hidden.

New Customer Service

The failure of other cable services may have forced Charter Communications to ramp up customer services, but they are not following the trend here. Approximately 20,000 jobs will be available with the merger, once the company shifts call centre jobs to the U.S. “The employees will be full-time employees, not contractors; the company has not yet decided where these call centers will be,” Venech said.

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