Why choose Sling TV?

Sling TV has just announced that they are introducing On-Demand and live internet television services on tablets and Windows 10 PCs for their subscribers. Sling subscribers can access this offer by downloading the Sling TV app from the Windows Store. This offer is available to Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and all other Sling TV packages.

Subscribers will get an opportunity to watch their favorite movies and popular TV shows at their convenience through this amazing offer from Sling TV. In addition to this, Dish Network has also guaranteed that they will continue their support for its PC app that runs on Windows devices, and also ensured that the PC version will be available on Windows 10 devices within a few months.

CEO of Sling TV, Roger Lynch said, “Enabling billions of hours of content consumption among tens of millions of users in the U.S., Windows 10 is a natural platform for Sling TV as we continue to make it easier and more convenient for consumers to access our service. We have invested significant resources and hours in creating a superior Sling TV experience on Windows 10 that highlights the platform’s unique features.”

Tuula Rytila, corporate vice president, post sales monetization (PSM), Microsoft said, “We’re excited for customers to experience the Windows 10 Sling TV app, taking advantage of capabilities unique to our platform, such as Cortana voice commands and Live Tiles. Microsoft continuously works with industry leading partners to bring high quality apps to the Windows Store and we’re pleased to offer Sling TV as another way for consumers to experience live TV on Windows 10 devices.”

Sling TV subscribers will receive several latest features in Sling TV’s Windows 10 platform. The new interface is pretty much simple and a few of these features are listed below.

Live Tiles

This amazing feature in Sling TV’s Windows platform will enable the users to easily see the contents from “continue watching” and “favorites”.

Cortana Voice Integration

The Cortana Voice Integration feature will enable the users to search for their favorite TV shows and movies by voice.

Vertical Main Menu

The Vertical Main Menu feature on Sling TV enables the subscribers to easily find the programs offered by the network.

Responsive User Interface

The Responsive User Interface enabled by Sling TV would automatically adapt the video into different sizes.

Touch Compatibility

Sling TV subscribers can easily access Sling TV on Windows 10 either on touch or non-touch Windows 10 devices.

Sling TV is facing a challenging competition from its competitors even though they are the first major provider in TV streaming platform. Sling has done quite well since its launch and has attracted numerous subscribers to their offerings due to the quality service and entertaining content they offer in their packages.

Furthermore, Dish Network’s Sling TV was also the first provider to add NFL Network, which targeted the youth and sports fans in the country. Sling TV has also been aiming to add more channels to their offerings in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

In a recent announcement, Sling TV declared that they have added NHL Network to their offerings. Sling TV is the first online streaming platform to acquire the rights for this sports network.

“With hockey season already in full swing, die-hard fans are donning their jerseys, and Sling TV makes it easy and affordable to watch NHL Network wherever they are, so they don’t miss a single slap shot,” said Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch.

“As the premier streaming destination for sports, we continue to offer fans nationwide the games they can’t live without, whether they love soccer, college football, pro football, MLB playoffs, the NCAA basketball tournament, and now NHL hockey,” he added.

DirecTV Packages

Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic

The addition of NHL Network in Sling TV will allow subscribers to access over 75 games, which includes the upcoming match between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers, scheduled for October 22. In addition to that, Sling TV subscribers will also be able to watch the Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic between Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets on October 23. NHL games will also be available on NBC Sports Network and NBC channels.

Sling TV subscribers can access the NHL Network by subscribing to the providers Sports Extra package. Sling Orange customers can add this package to their channel lineup for an extra $5 per month. However, Sling Blue subscribers will have to pay $10 per month, if they wish to subscribe to the Sports Extra package.

Earlier, Sling subscribers had to subscribe to both Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages to get all channels offered by the streaming platform, which cost them $45 per month. However, Sling has cut $5 from their bundle package, which allows the customers to access all Sling TV contents at $40 per month.

Comcast® Signs a 10-Year Cable Franchise Agreement with Rochester City Council

Comcast® would soon upgrade their cable and internet service for the customers in Rochester now that the city council has approved a decade-long cable franchise alliance with the company on a 12 to 1 vote. Comcast Xfinity® is going to be available in Rochester and the Telco plans to improve the service center stores in more places in the city to deliver the competitive service. “We welcome and applaud Comcast’s commitment to serve Rochester with its innovative services, and we are exceptionally pleased that Rochester will soon be able to offer another choice of television, internet and phone providers to our residents and growing list of business owners,” said the Rochester City Manager, Daniel Fitzpatrick. Recent reports indicate that Fitzpatrick
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Comcast® Allies With iHeartMedia to Offer iHeartRadio on Xfinity® X1 Platform

Comcast® has announced a new collaboration with iHeartMedia to make available its digital music, podcast and live streaming radio service, iHeartsRadio on its Xfinity® X1 platform. This new addition is one of the best deals offered by Comcast® that enables Xfinity® X1 customers to directly access more than 1000 live radio stations broadcasted in the country right on their TV sets. The iHeartRadio will be rolled out across X1 set-top boxes shortly. Customers can directly access the iHeartRadio service on their TV using their voice remote. Meanwhile, it also allows the customers to sort out and select stations available in the Xfinity On Demand service. Michele Laven, President of Strategic Partnerships Group for iHeartMedia said, “We are excited to team
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Comcast® Might Offer Paid Fast Lanes after Repeal of Net Neutrality

Comcast®, one of the best internet providers of the country, has been promising for years that they will not violate net neutrality principles, regardless of whether the federal government imposing any rules on net neutrality. This means that the service provider will not throttle or block internet traffic and that they will not make fast lanes to collect extra charges and tolls from website businesses who wish to have priority access on the Comcast® network. This promise from Comcast® was one of the many ways in which they strongly argued that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should not reclassify broadband internet service providers as common carriers, a designation forcing the internet providers to treat customers fairly. Comcast® and many other
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Comcast® and NBC Say Consumers can Now Vote for Artists Appearing on ‘The Voice’

Comcast® and NBC recently said that the consumers of Xfinity® X1 would be able to use the voice remote for casting votes for the artist appearing on ‘The Voice’, a music reality show broadcast on NBC. In fact, the consumers can vote for the artist they like directly from the TV as they watch the Emmy award winning show. To cast vote on artists, all the fans of the show need to do is say “Vote for The Voice,” or press the info button on the X1 remote. Upon the input, a panel would pop up on the right side of the TV’s screen, which classifies the artists by competing team, thus allowing the users to toggle the menus and
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Comcast® Launches RealTime Assist to Xfinity® Subscribers in the US

Comcast® recently unveiled RealTime Assist, a customized service messaging tool, as part of their mission to serve the customers and ease out their accessibility to Comcast® Xfinity. In fact, RealTime Assist gives service info regarding technician appointments, planned outages, upgrades in the network, and updates to equipment. Xfinity® subscribers would get the service info to their mobile devices, having the Xfinity® My Account app, or to the Xfinity® X1 in a few weeks. “The launch of RealTime Assist will help us fit into our customers’ lives by providing customers the right information at the right time. Customers have told us they don’t want to call us to confirm their appointment or have to ask when their new equipment will arrive,
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Sling TV® And SpotX Launche Addressable Consumer Segments for Programmatic Advertisers

Sling TV® and SpotX, a video ad-serving platform has launched two new addressable consumer segments concentrating on the holiday shopping demand. Known as “Holiday Shoppers” and “Luxury Shoppers”, these segments are available via SpotX. With these custom private marketplaces, advertisers are provided with the means to offer targeted seasonal campaigns to the viewers of Sling TV® on connected TVs and other streaming devices. Adam Lowy, Head of Advertising Sales for Sling TV® stated, “We’ve made it easy for brands to reach consumers working their way through their holiday shopping lists. More and more, brands have gravitated to these marketplaces for real-time access to targeted TV audiences like vacationers during the summer and back-to-school shoppers during the fall.” For “Luxury Shopper”
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Xfinity® Home from Comcast® Joins IoT Trade Organizations

The smarthome and security unit from Comcast®, Xfinity® Home is now a member of the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC). With this move, Xfinity® Home is diving deep into the IoT sector. The IoTC is not a technical standards body, but is a trade group/association that offers a forum focused on business for small and large businesses in the industry. Some of the other members of IoTC include ADT, Verizon®, Fox, Greenwave Systems, The Weather Company, Cox Communications®, MasterCard, T-Mobile®, Nielsen, Turner, and LG Electronics. August, who is the maker of the smart locks that are integrated into the Xfinity® Home platform of Comcast®, and Stringify, which is an IoT automation startup acquired by Comcast®, are also part of the
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Sling TV® is Available on Selected Samsung Smart TVs

Sling TV®, the online streaming service of one of the leading TV service providers, Dish Network® recently became the first on-demand and live over-the-top (OTT) service that is available on selected Samsung Smart TVs. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the launch of the streaming service in this new platform will enable Sling TV® to boost their leadership in device compatibility. Sling TV® is currently available on gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, and more. The Vice President of Product Management for Sling TV®, Jimshade Chaudhari, said, “With football season in full swing, we know our customers want to catch every play on the biggest screen possible. Integrating Sling TV® into select Samsung TVs creates a seamless experience for
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AT&T® Unveils Fixed Wireless Internet Service in Parts of Mississippi

AT&T® recently expanded their Fixed Wireless Internet service to rural areas of Lafayette County and Yalobusha County. The high-speed internet service from the Telco comes from a wireless tower to a fixed antenna on the subscribers’ homes or on businesses residing in and around the neighborhood. AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet promises to deliver a residential internet connection with download speeds of 10 Mbps at the least. “Customers can stream TV shows or movies, do online classes, or just browse the web,” said Mayo Flynt, the president of AT&T® Mississippi. Flynt and other representatives of the Telco unveiled the Fixed Wireless Internet program recently at the AT&T® cellular tower off Highway 9 in Gault area. Also present in the occasion were
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Judge Orders CenturyLink® to be More Transparent with the Users in Minnesota

An Anoka County judge recently ordered CenturyLink® to be more transparent about their fees and prices. The order from the Anoka County Chief Judge Douglas Meslow came because of a lawsuit filed in July by an Attorney General in Minnesota named Lori Swanson. The order from the judge, written with inputs from both CenturyLink® and Swanson attorneys, is not enough to judge whether CenturyLink® or other internet providers engaged in unlawful practices in their business. The lawsuit filed by the DFL Attorney General Lori Swanson compiled thirty-seven stories from around “hundreds” of people that she said contacted her office complaining about CenturyLink® trying to bill them for charges that they had not agreed to or refusal to honor and provide
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